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  1. Local machine: Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS, 32 bits
  2. Remote machine: Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 LTS, 32 bits

Is it possible to launch Firefox or any other GUI-based applications on the remote desktop machine from the local machine ? or is it impossible ?

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This is not possible unless you install Xorg on the Ubuntu Server - but then it is not really Ubuntu Server since it will have a desktop. If that is what you want, see How to install X11/xorg? –  bain Jun 3 at 11:29
I think you are totally right when it comes to ubuntu server not being able to do that. I will install what you said and check the commands on Ubuntu Desktop versions (both local and remote) –  begueradj Jun 3 at 11:47
If you need to start an application, just ssh into the desktop, and assuming same user is logged in on the desktop, you can run DISPLAY=:0 firefox to start firefox that displays on the desktop. X11 will be needed if you need a application, for eg: firefox instance running on the remote machine to display the window on the local machine. –  Mahesh Jul 5 at 16:57

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