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I am trying to setup a Ubuntu desktop for my Grand Father :-) who wants to type Urdu, he does this on Windows XP / Vista / 7 at the moment but as he isn't too internet literate he gets infected by all sorts of malware which is a hassle for him and for the person who re-installs or cleans his system (me). :-)

I have successfully installed Ubuntu 10.10 for him with openoffice word processor, I then went into Ubuntu software centre and installed Some urdu packages (screenshot attached).

Basically he wants his desktop in English but he wants to be able to type in English and Urdu in OpenOffice (like windows where you can switch between languages) but he wants his keyboard layout and everyother thing in English (USA KB Layout).

To Summarize:

He has a English US layout Keyboard
He wants to type in Urdu and English
He will use OpenOffice WordProcessor (I guess there isn't anything better than this on Linux)
Any Other Fonts you would recommend or any other useful suggestions

Will be really grateful for askubuntu community's prompt input on this ! Thanks for reading ! Kind Regards Rihatum


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