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I'm trying to bootstrap a juju maas environment. I get the error "job is already running: juju-db". I destroy the environment run again and get the same thing. It brings up a maas node and does all kinds of provisioning but then fails.

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Welcome to AskUbuntu! Please add the output from /var/log/maas/maas.log to your question to help us help you! Thank you! – Elder Geek Jun 2 '14 at 15:13

Are all of your nodes registered in MAAS set to PXE boot (boot from the network)? I guess that you might be booting off of HDD and coming back to an already running Juju bootstrap machine.

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It may be that MAAS didn't previously shut down the node (which it can't if it's powered via Wake-On-LAN) so whilst you thought you were booting up the node from scratch, it was actually already on and hence juju-db was already running.

I asked a similar question here, the responses to which may help: MAAS/juju not cleaning up nodes

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