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I saw similar questions asked but not like this one.

After installing all the codecs necessary to play DVDs and the "css" command line. Here's what I get. When I boot up and insert a DVD, VLC will open and play it but only one time. If I take out the same DVD and re-insert it I get nothing! At times I can't even open vlc once it has been used, clicking on the icon only makes the icon pulsate but the program never opens. I cannot make the disc play using the "open media" choice in vlc.

After following directions at this link: https://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=70719 all it did was make my sound not work when a dvd does play, but I have sound using other media.

I am NOT a Linux expert I am a newbie and don't know what to try next, other than blowing it out and starting over or just giving up the idea.

Thank you

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