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The system is running in low graphics mode 

I have a fatal issue with my Ubuntu 13.10 and I would appreciate any assistance I can have. Upon login I'm presented with "The system is running in low-graphics mode" error and when I select OK, the screen goes black with nothing more to do.

As i have upgraded my OS from 10.04 to 13.10. I dont have any graphics card in my machine how can i get my environment back.

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> I dont have any graphics card in my machine. You need a graphics card in your system? –  Korkel May 31 at 11:05
please suggest me the solution fo rthe same –  user284303 May 31 at 11:09
You don't have a graphic card? How can we assist you then? –  Korkel May 31 at 11:10
but earlier my ubuntu13.04 was running all good what happn it now –  user284303 May 31 at 11:11
Try to update to 14.04 first. –  Korkel May 31 at 11:13
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