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I have finally made the switch from Windows to Ubuntu and now have to ask the first question because search did not help me this time.

The problem is easily described: The elements shown in the lockscreen on boot (ubuntu logo in the middle and watermark in bottom left corner) stay there even when I'm entering desktop and I cannot change the wallpaper anymore.

How can I remove them again? They haven't been there in the first place, but after updating Ubuntu with Update Center, the problem occured.

As I cant post an image here with my reputation, pls see this link:

Thanks for your help and time.

Kind regards

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Okay, I fixed it myself. The problem was, that Nemo handled the desktop now which I installed but I disabled it, so I had no application to handle the desktop. (Standard file manager was uninstalled)

The only problem now is that I am forced to show the desktop icons in order to have a functional desktop.

That should be fixed.

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