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I migrated my hdd windows 8 to a SDD partition. Also i have ubuntu and linux mint in the same SDD. Grub is working fine for Ubuntu and Mint, but it doesn't detect the windows 8 partition.

I used the boot-repair utility in order to fix it and here is the summary: http://paste2.org/8yC4kchs

As you can see, in /dev/sda6 it is the Win8 but there is an issue about the starting sector and the size (because i moved it from hdd to ssd).

Anyone knows how to fix it? Is this the reason why grub doesn't put the win8 option in the menu?

Thaks you!! Sebastián

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How you migrated ? What method you used ? In Linux/Unix-Like OSs where "everything is a file" it's very easy to migrate with a simple command, but Windows (OS) is not the same. Depend on the method you used, it is likely this could be a Windows problem and not Ubuntu/Linux. –  NikTh May 30 '14 at 12:10
@NikTh 1- Reduced the original HDD partition where was the OS win8. 2 - I made an image of the partition 3 - i restored the image in an partition but this time in the SSD. That's all my migration process. –  sebarocker May 30 '14 at 13:31
As I have said, this is likely a Windows problem due to its bootloader. Try to restore Windows bootloader to Disk's MBR and then again, restore Grub. –  NikTh May 30 '14 at 21:39

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