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I noticed that sometimes when browsing (with other processes in the background), I get very high CPU load for the browser process (over 100%) and the computer becomes really slow. I tried switching from Firefox (with just a few extensions) to Chromium, but same thing happens without me visiting graphics-intense sites, flash sites or anything like that. I also noticed python or node (when running "make") produce the same high CPU load from time to time so this is not necessarily browser-related.

When I only have a browser open, it doesn't seem to happen and everything is fine in Windows 7.

I switched from unity to gnome3 with no effect.

Specs: lenovo w510 (4gb RAM, i7 q820 @ 1.73) + up to date Ubuntu 14.04 64bit. Printscreen: http://imgur.com/8MZJNKC

Do you guys have any idea why this might happen? Please let me know if there's other info you need.


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I have the same problem but only when I play video with VLC A 1080p video take 60% of my CPU usage, and I have an Intel I7 4770K 3.5Ghz !! I changed the output setting in VLC to "X11 (XCB)" I now it took me only 40% of my CPU usage Anyone have an idea ? My GPU : AMD R9 290 –  user300872 Jul 6 '14 at 4:14

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