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so I have been using 14.04 for a couple of weeks without any problems but yesterday, after I installed a couple of new apps(Classic menu-indicator,diodon,tlp) and now every time I try to click on any indicator on the panel, compiz crashes.

The first couple of times compiz seems to restart and everything goes back to normal,but if I click the indicators more than twice compiz crashes for good and the entire system becomes unresponsive. Any windows I have open lose their title bars and seem to work OK, but cannot be closed as ctrl,alt buttons don't seem to work.

The only way out is then to do a hard reset of the system. The system log on clicking on the the indicators shows the following lines

gnome-session[2333]: GLib-CRITICAL: g_environ_setenv: assertion 'value != NULL' failed

May 30 12:17:37 Compaq-610 gnome-session[2333]: WARNING: Application 'compiz.desktop' killed by signal 6

May 30 12:17:37 Compaq-610 gnome-session[2333]: WARNING: App 'compiz.desktop' respawning too quickly

May 30 12:17:37 Compaq-610 gnome-session[2333]: CRITICAL: We failed, but the fail whale is dead. Sorry....

Any help on what may have gone wrong and how do I fix it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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