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sorry,.. I'm noob in Ubuntu ... and I'm trying to make a robots for downloading file..

i can download the zip file via web browser's address bar like this

but, when i try to use wget, the file never been downloaded...

this is how i use wget :

$ wget -H
$ wget -H -k
$ wget -H -m
$ wget -H -m -k

all wget just download the php file.. when i open it, it's just
<font color=red>invalid url</font>

does it because of redirect ? or cookie ? when i clear all cookie in mozilla, and download again.. it still wokrs..

or session ? is never use login user to download

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You have to use apostrophes or double quotes around the URL, because it contains the special character &.

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thanks.... i dont know that & is spesial char – Warung Nasi 49 Jun 7 '11 at 7:16

You have to use single(') or double quotes(") in URL, so the link should look like this:

$ wget ""
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sorry,.. i accept @elmicha answer.. cause he answer first.. but thanks,... i vot up your answer.. – Warung Nasi 49 Jun 7 '11 at 7:17

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