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The following config script inside control.tar.gz

#!/bin/sh -e

. /usr/share/debconf/confmodule

db_fset mailadmin/database_host seen false

db_input medium mailadmin/database_host || true

db_get mailadmin/database_host
echo "$RET" > /tmp/from_config_script.txt

exit 0

with the template

Template: mailadmin/database_host
Type: string
Description: The database server's host name or IP address.

(file templates) does not show an input dialog when I install the package using dpkg -i, and when I run it from the command line as well.

Instead it writes "localhost" to /tmp/from_config_script.txt, even though this default value is not part of the template file any more. I never ever saw the input popup. The input popup is what I am trying to achieve.

I removed the package with apt-get purge mailadmin, but even purge did not clear this default value. What can I do?

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Simple solution:

db_input high ...

This is not mentioned in the tutorial at ( ), only in an indirect manner.

A priority of medium is too low for showing the dialog. The threshold priority must be set somewhere on the computer. Unfortunately I still do not know where. But at least I know how to make the dialogs work.

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