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I want to achieve the following:

  • I have a Nautilus windows showing the /foo/bar dir.
  • I hit Ctrl+n (new window).
  • I want the new window to show /foo/bar instead of my home dir.
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Why not use a tab instead- Ctrl + t? – i08in May 28 '14 at 12:02
It is easier to drag'n'drop between windows than tabs – kispaljr May 28 '14 at 12:03
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There is no option for changing or customizing the New Window action behavior.

But you can create a nautilus script with the behavior you want and use it instead of the built in action. It's a one-liner that simply opens Nautilus at a given folder. In your case, the current folder. Save the script at ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts (~/.local/share/nautilus/scripts for Ubuntu 13.04 onwards).

To invoke such script with CTRL+N you must edit ~/.gnome2/accels/nautilus (~/.local/share/nautilus/accels for 13.04+) and edit the corresponding lines for both your script and New Window builtin action.

You could also request this feature at gnome buglist for Nautilus:

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This Nautilus script should do the trick:

# opens new Nautilus window showing the same folder


General installation instructions for Nautilus scripts and assigning Nautilus keyboard shortcuts.

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@MestreLion Well, keyboard assignments do work on older releases of Ubuntu but you are right, we didn't really have a canonical answer concerning keyboard shortcuts for Nautilus. I edited my generic installation instructions to add a section on that. – Glutanimate May 30 '14 at 13:02
Wow, fantastic! Your updated answer has all the pieces of the puzzle. It should be the accepted answer, at least until someone (either of us?) post the details for his specific scenario – MestreLion Jun 1 '14 at 13:03

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