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I imported my Google calendar into Evolution, now I can't find a way to delete the calendar. How do I do this?

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I have a simmilar problem but this answers here doesnt help me askubuntu.com/questions/206219/… –  Medya Oct 28 '12 at 18:32

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If you have imported it the right way (RightClick => NewCalender => Type Google), you can remove it with a right click on the Calender name and then delete.

If you have imported a CVS/ICS Calender file (google calender => export ) then this approach does not work.

alt text

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I was having a similar issue, and found that I could delete calendars if I shut down the clock applet first:

1) Go to System>Administration>System Monitor

2) Click on "clock-applet" then "End Process"

Don't restart when prompted to do so. You should now be able to delete your calendars.

To get the clock applet back, you may have to add it back to your panel by right-clicking on it, selecting"Add to panel", then "Clock", and placing it where you want.

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