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I've just built an Ubuntu 14.04 based home server and I'm running it "headless" in that I normally connect to it over SSH. The server is based on a miniITX board and has onboard VGA video which was detected by the server installer.

Occasionally (e.g. after a kernel upgrade) I like to watch it boot so I can capture any error messages. For convenience I've got it plugged into the VGA port on my 22" LCD (native resolution 1920 x 1200).

There are two discreet stages to booting after the grub screen closes.

The first has (I think that's when initrd is doing its stuff) has the classic text-mode console font and fills the screen without much line wrapping.

The second (where the kernel is running init) has a nicer font but fills only about 1/2 the screen width and 2/3 the height. Every line wraps after the first square bracket of [

What I'd like is is to get the same console font throughout the boot process and have the output readable in the event that the system hangs on boot.

Have tried setting


and also various options under


All attempts so far have resulted in the initial boot screens displaying much larger (so that one line of text occupies 3 or 4 lines on the screen, and none of them have resulted in the console screen filling the entire monitor.

vbeinfo gives me a load of options (e.g. 0x160 to 0x171) which are defined as text only) but I've been unable to find out what these actually mean.

Should I be working through the 0x1nn options, or is there something I've missed? I did run update-grub after every config change.

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