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ok so i have multiple problems...

I installed windows 7 on a separate partition from ubuntu and i knew it was gonna overwrite grub so after the install i downloaded easybcd. here's the problem with easybcd: it doesn't recognize the ubuntu partition

  1. okay, so i reboot and put in the ubuntu live cd and try that but it just gives me a blinking line in the top-left corner and then boots into windows.

  2. i try to use usb and it says bootmgr is missing

  3. so now i'm stuck with windows and i cant boot into ubuntu

i tried booting ubuntu live cd, supergrub2, plop boot manager, and rescueatux from cd and usb but as i stated earlier that didn't work

is there any way to recover grub2 from within windows or any hope at all for me...

also my computer is hp touchsmart 300 and i installed windows 7 ultimate x64 from a usb

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Could you clarify whether you have set your machine to boot from CD? How exactly did you "try to use usb"? What USB? Created with what tool? –  terdon Jun 23 '14 at 8:28

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Your computer might be using a UEFI firmware instead of BIOS. Check if the firmware have a secure boot option and disable it them try again.

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Solved I got the booting from usb to work after i used aomei partitioning tool to delete the old ubuntu partition so i installed linux mint 17 and no problems so far :)

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