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I have downloaded Ubuntu onto a stick drive and ran the installion, which seemed to work. On rebooting I get a grub rescue message but Ubuntu does not boot. Windows does not boot at all and resetting the BIOS from USB to the internal hard drive does not do anything either.

I have reset the BIOS to run from the USB and Ubuntu tries to re-install, saying there are no operating systems installed. Stage 4 of the installation manual for Ubuntu shows a screen with the option to partition the hardrive and load alongside the exisitng Windows set up. This does not appear and I just get the option to load Ubuntu as there is no other opertating system or to "do something else" which requires selection of something that makes no sense to me.

I am not computer savvy at all, but it seems to me, that I lost Windows 7 and that Ubuntu is unable to install successfully. At least at the moment, I cannot use my computer at all. Also, the Ubuntu installation asks questions that do not seem to be covered in the installation guide.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

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Which installation guide did you follow? And did you try/are you able to start the Live-System? –  Adaephon May 26 '14 at 13:17

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