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So, for dev needs, I need to find all available kernel versions for given ubuntu version, for example, Lucid Lynx server.

In short, something similar to this novell wiki for SLES:

So, is there something like this, but for ubuntu? My google searches found absolutely nothing. :(

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Something like Ubuntu - Details of package linux-image in lucid maybe? – steeldriver May 26 '14 at 12:47
You can find the kernel source code at Ubuntu uses the source code from upstream + ubuntu patches. Unless you are an ubuntu developer, I am going to suggest, most of the time you are not going to be dealing with the ubuntu patches. If you have a problem with the original source code you would file at If you have a problem with an ubuntu patch you would file on launchpad – bodhi.zazen May 26 '14 at 14:33

I think the question itself is somewhat invalid, since you can compile any custom Linux kernel and use it with Ubuntu. For example, I'm renting a VPS running Saucy (13.10), which comes with the 3.11.x kernel by default, but my provider is using 2.6.32 so it's actually running on 2.6.32.

Anyway, Wikipedia has a list of the default kernels shipped with each version of Ubuntu.

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If you are looking for the mainline kernel mapping and also get the branch using git

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