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I use lrc files throw the "OSD lyrics" program which allows to display lyrics stored in the *.lrc files.
For those who don't know, lrc files contain time tags which allow to display the lyrics synchronised with the current played song.
It's a pain to create lrc file with a simple text editor. So I'm wondering if anyone knows a program to edit the time tags in the lrc files?

P.S. Could anyone with enough reputation create and add the lrc tag to this post ?

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A quick search on the web got me this list of editors for lrc-files.

Hope one of them meets your needs.

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I had not used lrcShow-X since a while. I am satisfied to see that it was improved and now it contains a real lrc editor. Thank you for having made me rediscover this application. – Nicolas Jun 11 '11 at 15:14

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