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I have Ubuntu 13.10.

2 hours ago I installed latest updated. (All remember about update is that it was 13MB size) and rebooted.

Now my shortcuts do not work as expected.

First, I was switching Language with Alt+SPACE. Alt+SPACE is still selected in All Settings - Text Entry

But when I press it I get top right windows menu like on Windows. I was not getting it few hours ago.

Then Sublime Text 2 CTRL+DOT,CTRL+P works like I just press CTRL+P. Seems like it is the only way to get Package Installer. May be CTRL+DOT is hooked by OS and Sublime Text 2 is not getting that input.

Any idea what could happen with shortcuts and how can I roll back to old behavior?


I went throw All Settings - Keyboard and found that ALT SPACE activates Windows Menu. I disabled it. But CTRL DOT or CTRL . is not listed there.

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CTRL DOT is not used by the OS. I assume you mean the period - which one are you using? I would assume the one on the numeric keypad would not be the one, as this would be CTRL DELETE. I know nothing about Sublime Text, and don't really want to, so I can't tell you anything about it. – Marty Fried May 22 '14 at 16:02

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