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My laptop is dual boot it has Ubuntu and windows 7. I wanted to extend C:drive on windows 7 so I used third part partition assistant for it but the partition assistant messed up and dragged the extended volume from Ubuntu memory and It worked fine until I restarted the windows now I am facing a Grub Rescue problem I have tried to use ls (hd0.msdos1)/boot command but it says unknown file system now I am trying with Ubuntu live usb to check for any improvement but I am also willing to check with Window7

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Please run the Boot Info Script from your rescue environment. This script will produce a file called RESULTS.txt. Post it to a pastebin site and post the URL to your document here. That will give us information required to diagnose your problem; without it, the best anybody can do is make wild guesses. –  Rod Smith May 22 '14 at 12:10

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