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My laptop (Dell Latitude PP01L ) was running Ubuntu 10.10 32 just fine (installed from CD worked right away) but it's cd drive was getting flaky.

After making a mistake I decided I just wanted to reinstall so I installed Ubuntu 10.10 over the network ethernet boot. After finishing everything works except networking. Ethernet port is dead and wireless cannot see anything.

However when I was able to boot from CD these devices worked just fine. Any idea what is causing this? I tried installing over network boot a new install of 10.10 and then Ubuntu 10.4 and exact same thing.

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Do you get internet fine on a wired connection? You may want to check out this file: /etc/network/interfaces. Check it out and tell me what's written there, I can give an answer based on that. –  Oxwivi Jun 5 '11 at 10:29
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