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I can hear no sound from my laptop. I installed Ubuntu 14.04 2 days ago and at first everything worked fine, but after a reboot the sound stopped. I searched for 3 hours on google and tried everything I found, but nothing helped.

EDIT: I already tried the solution from the posted thread and it didn't help.

EDIT2: The sound does work on headphones. But it doesn't work on speakers. It's not a hardware problem.

AlsaInfo: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=5b7f589a8cd035feb28d0a87bd1c79a304c5ad29

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possible duplicate of Sound problem ubuntu 14 –  Virusboy May 20 at 19:55
I already tried that. And it didn't help. –  user174653 May 20 at 20:21
Please provide more info wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/AlsaInfo –  Tuknutx May 20 at 21:25
Just edited the question. alsa-project.org/db/?f=5b7f589a8cd035feb28d0a87bd1c79a304c5ad29 –  user174653 May 21 at 7:45
Perhaps this will help askubuntu.com/a/467757/265974 –  Tuknutx May 21 at 9:23
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Try first to reload ALSA:

sudo alsa force-reload

If that won't help, try to reinstall ALSA and pulseaudio:

sudo apt-get remove --purge alsa-base pulseaudio
sudo apt-get install alsa-base pulseaudio
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No. I still don't have sound. I edited the question. –  user174653 May 21 at 7:37
Have you checked if it's muted in 'alsamixer' ? You can mute/unmute it with 'M' –  user107425 May 21 at 8:27
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