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I finally gave in to regular upgrade request pop-ups on my Kubuntu 10.10 installation. The upgrade was quite fast (a little more than 1 hour). It gave me a warning that something went wrong (exit code 1) and I noticed at least two most annoying problems:

  • all my attempts to add an additional keyboard layout had no effect at all. (I had done that in previous versions with no problem at all.)

  • When I click an icon of an application on the panel it will no longer start the application but give instead the whole menu to choose one from.

Is there a way to to at least investigate these problems without reinstalling from scratch?

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Did you check in synaptics if you have broken packages? Just open synaptics and than have a look at the bottom where a statistic will give you the information how many packages are installed and how many are broken.

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Here's what you can do.

Drop to a tty (to do that, hit Ctrl-Alt-F1, then login with your username and password).

Then run the following in your full-screen terminal

sudo dpkg --configure -a

Once that's done, you'll need to run sudo reboot, your system will reboot, and you should be back to normal.

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