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I have some audio files. I want to make them available as YouTube videos. But I do not want a static image, like an album cover, appearing all the time. I want some "moving fractal images" video style (but in fact it could be any other "style"). Some media players have this visualization tool. But what I want is to have the video file (with the audio) to upload to YouTube.

How can I achieve this? Which program(s) should I use? Or which commands to type in the command line?

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Some media players have this visualization tool which players? if you can give examples i might be able to do some research, btw i think this question fits more on – Lynob May 19 '14 at 22:19
I have vlc and totem installed. Both provide visualization. vlc output is not nice. totem output is great - if only I could save it in a video file... – J. Bruni May 19 '14 at 23:41

Here's a not so elegant way of doing it:

  1. Install RecordMyDesktop from the Software Centre.

  2. Fire up one of those programmes that produce the "moving images".

  3. Record the "moving images" window with RecordMyDesktop (it also captures the sound).

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