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I'm completely new to Ubuntu, but thought I'd give it a go to try and do something different than Mic****ft, I'm running 14.04 on an old AMD Athlon LE-1640, with 3GB RAM on this PC I am only running Ubuntu, and things run fine, I've managed to mount 2 screens and run them in extended desktop mode, however I'm struggling with several things - I'll ask each one in a separate question, but here''s my first.

I have 2 CD/DVD drives, and I'm trying to back up onto hard drives my collection of MP3s currently on CDs (yes I know I'm ancient, who uses CDs now!) however when I first boot up the PC I can load one CD into each drive and Ubuntu will read all the folder and file data, great so far, but when I've done with these and eject them and put new CDs in the drive, one sees nothing, the other opens one of the folders and lists the files in side as the whole content, no matter what I try it just won't do it, but if I shutdown and reboot the pc it will then as before read all the content on each CD, I'm stuck now - have searched the help sites but getting no-luck and to be honest some of the terminal codings confuse me (I'm not overly savvy that way), so thanks in advance


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Assume you are using the eject button on the file manger to eject, not the button on the actual CD Drive itself. Which would account for that odd behaviour. –  Meer Borg May 18 '14 at 17:26

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