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I am running Ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop for 2 years now. I have 2 NAS systems in my network, which I usually can see in Nautilus as Samba shares. But the last few days I have troubles reaching them, while I haven't changed anything on my network or my laptop! It seems like my network is 'unstable': sometimes I see both of my NASes, while a few minutes later I only see one of them or none at all. The only Samba share I always see, is my own laptop.

I tried

sudo restart smbd
sudo restart nmbd

With smbtree I sometimes get another result then with Nautilus. This is the usual result from smbtree:

alfons@alfons-laptop:~$ smbtree 
Enter alfons's password: 
        \\PX-EH                 PX-EH
            \\PX-EH\ADMIN$          IPC Service (PX-EH)
            \\PX-EH\IPC$            IPC Service (PX-EH)
            \\PX-EH\fotocopier      Backup for the photos
            \\PX-EH\disk            LAN disk
            \\DISKSTATION\IPC$              IPC Service ()
            \\DISKSTATION\video             System default shared folder
            \\DISKSTATION\public            DiskStation 212
            \\DISKSTATION\music             System default shared folder
            \\DISKSTATION\home              home
        \\ALFONS-LAPTOP         alfons-laptop server (Samba, Ubuntu)
            \\ALFONS-LAPTOP\HL3150CDW       HL3150CDW
            \\ALFONS-LAPTOP\IPC$            IPC Service (alfons-laptop server (Samba, Ubuntu))
            \\ALFONS-LAPTOP\print$          Printer Drivers

Why do my Samba shares sometimes look unstable? And what can I try to solve this?

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