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I'm trying the distribution Ubuntu 14.04 and when I start sometimes appears the error 'The System is running in low graphics mode', so I reboot and if I am lucky it will start normally but is annoying be doing that, so what I can do?.

My computer is a Samsung np270e4e-k05mx


Screen: LED HD de 14" (1,366 x 768), antirreflejante

Graphics: Intel® HD 4000

I put the features of the screen because I think is in it the problem.

I'm a beginner on Ubuntu, so i don't know what the problem is, but I tried some of the solutions in other questions, how to reinstall the ubuntu-desktop or sudo apt-get install fglrx, but it didn't work.

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yes, I have read it, but I hadn't tried all the responses, I find the solution doing this: ctrl + alt + f1 sudo apt-get install gdm choose gdm sudo reboot and I got login without the error :D but I miss lightdm graphic ambiance :( nah finally it doesn't matter. thanks it was very usefull to me. –  Lord_Gama May 18 '14 at 16:22

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