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My hard drive got corrupted so I did a reinstall. Tested Youtube in FF during 'try me' and it worked - jerky, but it worked. Instal without all the updates (576 outstanding now) in order to get ff installed as per the demo - to no avail. In 'try me' mode ff NEVER crashed! After install ff crashed whilst I was typing in 'youtube' in the address field. When I finally got to youtube - no video.

What is the difference between ff in try me and ff after install?

Off to try some selected updates now to see if I can see it for myself.

In previous installation I had several profiles and aliased ff with -safe-mode switch to simplify startup of most stable ff. Also found that ff startup in graphic mode worked better (but still without video) with all of the extensions disabled and all of the plugins set to "ask" and always denied ...

I have SiS graphic card in SiS Motherboard for XP and ancient Hyundai ImageQuest QV770 monitor.

I have Ubuntu 12.04.01 LTS 1 day after install with only the immediate upgrades requested to language pack (English UK). Using FR Alternative keyboard. Connected with domestic wifi network from Orange (FT)

I really want to use Skype, but won't bother installing it (again) without video as I can do my sms on FB - whilst ff is not crashed ...

Update ... Is something overflowing? I have just had to reboot in order to get ff to restart in any way shape or form - restart on crash form generates new crash form, etc. It was however a good half hour before it crashed so some improvement over conditions before disk corruption.

I have now installed all of the critical updates (332 recommended updates still outstanding) which included some relating to ff. Still no video. Still crashing - especially when on Grepolis website. Since the re-install I have had a lovely 1024x768 screen, but after last ff crash and reboot I got a message about 'low graphics mode' and 'setting things myself'. I was not sufficiently tuned in at the time to take proper note - I have no doubt I shall see it again and shall report accordingly. I still have only laptop options for my screen and do not know how to rectify this.

Spent a few days with ubuntu on a different, newer machine which has now suffered a graphics breakdown. Returned to this old one again, but with new flat screen Monitor.

Found SIS drivers for my graphics BUT it is intended for Red Hat 7.2. I chose this over the version for 7.0 because I thought what the hell, I might not be able to do anything with either of them but this is the later one ...

The file will not open with software manager - found a similar problem on Overclock but it has not helped me to install this driver. File name is sis_drv.o-410 and it is currently idling away in my Downloads folder ... I have tried the solution offered on another sis problem, but this shows that my xserver-xorg-video-sis driver is up to date.

I am now at a loss as to how to proceed if I can't install the latest sis driver from sis ...

Does nobody know how FF changes from "try-me" to "installed"? Any time I MUST have video I reboot from the disk again, but this is tedious! Also one of the things I mock most about MS is the constant rebooting ...

UPDATE 10/6/2014
I have installed chromium-browser - worse, crashes even more often than ff.
I have installed epiphany - better; Video works but not the associated soundtrack.
FireFox is version 14.01 in 'try me' and version 29.0 from my install. Would it be useful to try to downgrade FireFox in order to get video?
UPDATE 18/6/2014
The constantly crashing firefox has been solved!! Hurrah!! Used to have 1G+256M memory. Upgraded to 1G+1G and after 4 hours firefox has not had one crash where I would have expected about 20 in the same time before ...

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I think you're right that this is almost certainly a graphics driver issue (in an updated kernel — 12.04.01 is quite old) but I'd put money on Microsoft releasing Office for Linux before SiS came along to fix their drivers. I'd seriously look at just replacing the graphics card with one that has reasonable support. Unless your time is worthless, this is probably the cheapest option. – Oli Jun 10 '14 at 9:41
I agree with @Oli, Silicon IS is not the best solution for Ubuntu yet. Top graphic leaders such as Nvidia/ATI remain the best still. Maybe try to install other distro, let's say... optimal choice is 14.04 LTS as 13.10 is almost EOL. – JoKeR Jun 10 '14 at 10:12
Thanks for your responses. I have not been able to succed in installing either 13.10 or 14.04. Even later 12.04 distros don't work! And I recently had to remove kernel 3.2.0-64-generic-pae because it day work! ... "dommage" as they say here! Unfortunately I am constrained by finances and related circumstances to that which I have - like it or lump it! I now have totem playing some 'youtube' vids, but without sound, and I can get rhythmbox to play the sound having used '' so developing a set of workarounds. It's keeping my brain active anyway ... – HarveyP Jun 12 '14 at 22:11
Just had a brainwave - do you think I might add a video card! (seems so obvious) as all of my SiS elements are on the motherboard! What a dipstick! Off to the cellar to rifle through my collection of cards for recycling ... – HarveyP Jun 12 '14 at 22:18

The issue of crashing firefox was resolved by adding RAM to the motherboard. I replaced onboard RAM 1G + 256M with 1G + 1G. Obviously, some minimum RAM requirement to run latest firefox, V29, V30

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