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no matter what i do i get

ERROR error parsing environment "maas": no public ssh keys found

My environments.yaml file. (authorized key added as per another ask, ubuntu help example)

juju: environments (dimitern edit: what is this line for?)

        type: maas
        maas-server: ''
        maas-oauth: ' WVNY2RCzVUKSpur3xW:pEpz9QUcLmzV5Kqq3G:mLyWusVjbSAMPLE'
        admin-secret: 'SAMPLE'
        bootstrap-addresses-delay: 10
        bootstrap-retry-delay: 5
        bootstrap-timeout: 3600
        authorized-keys-path: ~/.ssh/
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You don't need to specify authorized-keys-path as juju will automatically discover your ~/.ssh/* keys and try to use them.

See juju help authorized-keys for more information how to manage these in an environment.

Also you don't need to specify admin-secret, it will be auto-generated when bootstrapping. The bootstrap-addresses-delay and bootstrap-retry-delay rarely need to be overridden in environments.yaml at all (and you're using the defaults anyway, so I'd skip them), just bootstrap-timeout.

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nothing is happening still getting the same error – JUAN CABALLERO May 24 '14 at 23:00
What version of Juju are you using (run juju version) ? You might need to upgrade to a more recent version, as lots of bugs were fixed between 16 May and now. – dimitern Jul 27 '14 at 15:15

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