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I'm being hit (quite often) by that bug where you can't click on some indicators. It's easy to fix by restarting unity, but that usually also means running to the risk of upsetting some window on re-parenting (rare, but I'd rather avoid any such problems).

So, I know there is `unity-panel-service', and I'm guessing this might have something to do with the solution?

Is it possible to restart the unity panel (or the entire unity plugin) without restarting compiz itself?

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To restart the unity-panel-service, just kill it:

killall unity-panel-service

If for whatever reason it's not running at all, you can start it via

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In 14.04 this doesn't work for me. Instead, the answer in… seemed closer for me: kill -9 $(pgrep unity-panel-ser); compiz --replace – Phil Oct 20 '14 at 15:12

To do the same on Unity2d type

killall unity-2d-panel

or, if just the application launcher on the left fails, type

killall unity-2d-launcher
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