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I have a 32 bit Sony laptop with 2+2 MB ram and windows 7 starter, I want to install Ubuntu and eventually replace windows, the thing is that first I did download Ubuntu 64 bit and it did not install well, now I am downloading a 32 bit as maybe that is the reason.

One thing I wonder is about the installation as well, when it is downloaded it is in a mirror software package, and downloads into the laptop download section, once I open the software it mounts into installation mode and reboot however, one it gives the option windows or Ubuntu and select Ubuntu it gets stuck on the start up.

In the installation manual procedure it talks about a CD, is it means that I have to burn the mirror file into a blank CD first ( laptop to CD ) and then install from the CD??

Thanks for your support, I am looking forward to experiment and get to know Ubuntu and see other choices than Windows...



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The latest version of Ubuntu 14.04 is too large to fit on a CD, so you need to use either a DVD or a USB flash drive that is at least 2GB. –  karel May 16 '14 at 16:00

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