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I have a flash drive that I am considering installing Ubuntu on. However, I would also like the contents to be accessible in Windows. Is this possible?

Some further details:

  • I ruled out NTFS because (IIRC) it can't be mounted as /.
  • It needs to be formatted with a filesystem that Windows will recognize without any IFS drivers or utilities that require admin privileges.
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I always format my thumbdrive as FAT32 (since it's only a 4GB, as well as for the same reasons that you posted), and I install Ubuntu liveCDs on that partition. So, I would say that FAT32 would be your best bet. It's what I personally use, and I've never encountered any problems with it.

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USB flash drives are virtually always formatted with FAT32. When you install Ubuntu to it using the liveUSB creator, its root filesystem is placed in a loopback file within the FAT32 fs.

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