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I've recently installed Kubuntu 11.04 and it is running on my dual screen setup. I have Nvidia video card and TwinView is working perfectly after I switched to the nvidia driver, and I saved the settings to xorg.conf so the second screen would automatically be in use on start up .

When I boot, however, the settings in xorg.conf are not used. I've checked to see if the file is used on start up, and indeed if I add some invalid configuration the X server does not start. So the file is read, but it looks like X ignores the settings in it.

I haven't found anything regarding this online, and I believe that the settings in xorg.conf are correct.

Any ideas as to why the X server doesn't seem to be picking up the settings from xorg.conf?

Here is the contents of my xorg.conf file:

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It turned out that the screen section in xorg.conf was overridden by another file in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/.

I removed that file, Now TwinView starts on boot and works as intended.

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