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I am running Lubuntu 14.04 64bit. I am planning to implement EnhanceIO to use my new 25GB SSD drive for caching my 4TB RAID 0 array. The raid array is partitioned as: 500MB /boot, 20GB /, 200GB /vmware, and 3.4TB /home. I understand there are issues/complexity with caching root partitions, so I'm thinking of making a 500MB /boot partion on the SSD. My question, will it make a difference putting /boot on the SSD? This system is on 24/7, and really only gets rebooted once every few months. I'm thinking the kernel is the only thing getting loaded from the /boot partition, and it likely will stay entirely in memory. So having the /boot on SSD won't make any difference on a running system. Is my thinking correct?

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/boot is only used on booting the linux (or updating it's boot files). Caching it will not give any performance improvement if your computer is not rebooted.

Consider using fast drive as swap partition

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