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Usually I start my terminal and login to some server with the following line:

ssh -X

Now I would like to add a bookmark so that I can login while brousing through the folders with my mouse.

When I add network bookmark I can only edit the location, the following does not work


I remember that I was able to add such a bookmark on a different computer. There I could add something like the username, host, port etc.

I use ubuntu 12.04. Please let me know how to add the bookmark.

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If you able to ssh in, you could try entering sftp://// instead of network:// - also I'm not sure which bookmarks you refer to, but have you tried Ctrl+D? – drgrog May 15 '14 at 12:32
@drgrog yes I refere to the Ctrl+D bookmark. If I try to enter your suggestions I get an error message, telling me no hostname specified. Thank you for your suggestet link but I have no problem with adding afolder bookmark, my problem is that I cant add my simple connection.. – Adam May 15 '14 at 15:25

what do you mean with "bookmark"? I remember that once in gnome terminal you can add some bookmarks (and now that feature doesn't exist no more, AFAIK) but I don't remember that it was possible export such bookmarks from a computer to another one.

If you're looking for something exportable, maybe you can drop down a little script doing something like

gnome-terminal -e "ssh -X [and whatever you want] user@hostname.domain"



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I mean the Bookmarks that you add with Ctrl+D. I mean a Network Bookmark. I just want to browse to files that are on a other computer in my network. However this network does not appear at "Browse Network" so I have to add the host manual. – Adam May 15 '14 at 15:27
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This is how I solved it: Open the file browser (Nautilus) go to File -> Connect to Server -> Select SSH for type -> Enter Servername,username,password.port

Now the connection to that servier is established via the file browser and you find it under "Network" to save it as a bookmark simply press rightclick and save it under bookmark

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