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The way my Maven packages are configured, something breaks when I have the latest version installed (I think 3.4). On another computer, where I have 3.0.4, the build runs fine. I am looking for a way to install a previous version using apt-get. I followed these instructions and they completed fine but when I ran mvm -v, I got the following error, so something must have been wrong with the tar ball:

[ERROR] Unknown lifecycle phase "–v"

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Have you considered trying to fix the build in the current version of Maven? Also, the version of maven in the repos is 3.0.5. –  saiarcot895 May 14 '14 at 23:01

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You can Install maven 3.0.4 with ppa:rockclimb/netbeans repository.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rockclimb/netbeans

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install maven
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  1. cd /tmp
  2. wget http://www.carfab.com/apachesoftware/maven/maven-3/3.0.5/binaries/apache-maven-3.0.5-bin.tar.gz
  3. gunzip apache-maven-3.0.5-bin.tar.gz
  4. tar -xvf apache-maven-3.0.5-bin.tar.gz
  5. sudo mv apache-maven-3.0.5 /opt
  6. cd /opt
  7. sudo chown -R root apache-maven-3.0.5
  8. sudo chgrp -R root apache-maven-3.0.5
  9. add /opt/apache-maven-3.0.5 to your PATH

See also http://maven.apache.org/download.cgi

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