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I have Windows 7 as a host machine. I installed Ubuntu 12.04 on VMWare Player. But I cannot install any packages in Ubuntu. It seems that Windows 7 firewall blocks any attempts to install packages for Ubuntu.

The picture looks like this.

xxx.xx.xx.13 here is IP address it wants to connect. My host machine IPv4 Address is the same but the last three figures are xxx.xx.xx.113:

admin1@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get update
[sudo] password for admin1: 
0% [Connecting to xxx.xx.xx.13 (xxx.xx.xx.13)] [Connecting to xxx.xx.xx.13 (xxx.xx.xx.13)] [Connecting to xxx.xx.xx.13

Err http://extras.ubuntu.com precise Release.gpg                                                                 
  Could not connect to xxx.xx.xx.13:80 (xxx.xx.xx.13). - connect (111: Connection refused)

I use default NAT Settings of VMWare. I'm not strong in network settings and actually do not understand what is going on and how to set the settings right way. I tried to turn off firewall at all but it didn't help. Any information or links where I can read some basics of network setting of VMWare, of firewall and how to set them all together would be very appreciated.

Is it firewall issue? Is it VMWare network settings issue? Is it Ubuntu network settings issue? Is it apt-get config settings issue?

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