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Since the last week, I have a problem with the Unity Notification Area on Ubuntu 14.04. When I'm using Eclipse, (with Oracle Java 1.7) the Notification Area dissapear and, 1-3 seconds after, reappear. This happens from time to time, specialy when I do a tab change from a jsp file to a java file. On Eclipse, this tab change make a menu change, with different menu items.

This is a annoying problem, since the windows are constantly changing his size when this happen.

When the notification area is ok: http://i.imgur.com/it4pGk2.png

When the notification area is buggy: http://i.imgur.com/mr8D6Ci.png

I try to reset Unity using dconf reset -f /org/compiz/ and setsid unity (sorry, no reputation to send the webupd8.org link), but this don't work. I can't find any problem like this on Google.

How can I start to solve this problem?

Thank you.

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