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what is the best video converter software to be played in iPhone & iPod? how to convert video to be played in iPhone & iPod?

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Try HandBrake. As you see it has iPod and iPhone configurationss (presets) by default. :)


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You can also try Arista Transcoder(Install aristaarista). It's available in repository and it looks like it supports Apple things(like iPhone, iPod, iPad and so on). (Sorry for non-english screenshot)

Arista Transcoder

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You should try Mobile Media Converter. Really simple and ideal for converting videos for Apple Devices. enter image description here

enter image description here

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It seems there are no great video converting programs working in iPad or iPhone, but you can use the best programs on computer or Mac to convert videos to iPad or iPhone.

Best Free Program: Handbrake,Freemake

Best Paid Program: Wondershare, Leawo,winxdvd and more

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