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Ok try as I might I cannot get clutterflow to work in nautilus elementary, I have seen the posts about vblank such as nautilus elementary coverflow not working ~ I have also found out that it works while running under root as in this post nautilus-clutterflow only works in "sudo-mode" I even tried the libpoppler route Clutterflow not working on Nautilus Elementary but none of them work. There is no black box where clutterflow is supposed to be, no nothing. I press F4 and absolutely nothing happens. The embedded terminal is fine however. I even tried the gconf settings to show clutter and clutter test = 0 nothing works. Thank you everyone for taking the time to try to help, it's appreciated.

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Clutterflow seems to not be working anymore on 11.04, and when it does the icons it shows are corrupted so, it's of no use. – Uri Herrera Aug 2 '11 at 3:54

Try this: Alt+F2 (or in terminal) type gconf-editor

Then Apps -> Nautilus -> Preferences

check "show_clutter" and set "clutter_test" to 0

ok, then nautilus -q and try F4

in my case, it worked.

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