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I've been trying to get my new TP-LINK TG-3468 to work in my Ubuntu server 12.04.04 LTS computer for quite some hours now. I noticed that the drivers that came with it were not compatible with my kernel version (3.3.5 (?)), so I went on a scavanger hunt and found what I think is the right driver. The driver that came with the product is called r8168, and I found a 2013 release of that. r8168-8.038.00, to be precise.

After installing the driver, which I downloaded from logitech, and rebooting, the ethernet card finally showed up as Eth0. Eth1 had been my primary ethernet port up to that point.

Everything appears to be as notmal: /etc/network/interfaces is set up correctly (will post exact contents below), lshw -C network shows the card as what it is with the correct driver applied, I can ifdown and ifup the interface and I can assign static network configuration to is using the /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules file. The LED on the card also lights up, indicating that it is in 100mbps mode.

But, for some reason, the network card refuses to accept a network configuration through DHCP. Even when I assign everything manually it just doesn't seem to work. I can not ping any other machine in the network.

I imagine something is probably wrong, but I can not think of any logical place to start looking. Please help me connect to the internet on this PCIe network interface.

Logs and files on pastebin :)


If you want to see any other config files, please let me know.

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