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I am using Skype 4.2 in my Ubuntu 14.04 system. I am facing a problem at the Skype. When I see other contacts time in the chat window or at their profile, it shows wrong time. It calculates the time based on UTC+0, but my timezone is UTC+6. I have checked my system's timezone:

cat /etc/timezone

and it shows:


How can I change the Skype timezone to my timezone? I can't see any GUI option to set timezone.

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I got it solved by doing:

  • First, changed the my profile timezone to "My Computer" from "Skype->Profile->Edit your profile->Show full profile->Timezone" from a windows installation. Like this:

    enter image description here

  • Then I have removed my current installation of Skype on my Ubuntu 14.04 (sudo apt-get remove skype) . Renamed .Skype to 1.Skype at /home/<user>/.
  • Re-installed Skype. And It's all fine.
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