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This has been happening to me ( am I the only person running IceWm?) ever since Natty was in Alpha. I installed Icewm- picking it from the GDM menu results in an almost immediate return to GDM. I assume it is crashing. IF I run icewm itself from GDM by installing a modified desktop file, it's fine, but then I miss out on several icewm features, like running a startup file. I have asked several places and did Google searches but they don't turn up anything. I have reinstalled IceWm several times. Natty is the only dist this happens on...I also run Maverick and Debian Sid on other partitions.

Any ideas???

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Are there any logs available that would allow you to post the contents in an effort to establish what is happening (e.g., .xsession-errors)? –  Kory Wnuk Jun 1 '11 at 23:40

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I haven't figured this out either, but to give you a few hints on work arounds:

  • IceWM-Session doesn't crash if you use lxdm (from lubuntu-desktop).
  • IceWM-Session doesn't crash when you start it from .xinitrc and startx.
  • IceWM-Session does crash even when you do failsafe on gdm and type it into the terminal.

lxdm was my workaround.

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