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I installed TrueCrypt from their website (.tar.gz file) extracted through the archive manager to /usr/share/truecrypt. I no longer need the app but I cannot uninstall it through

sudo apt-get remove

I get an error message:

'virtual packages like truecrypt cannot be removed'. 

All of the sub-directories and files in /usr/share/truecrypt have a padlock symbol on them.

I don't know how to remove unwanted apps beyond these basics, I'm hoping you can help. I have a small(memory), elderly Toshiba Satelite laptop so it doesn't need to carry any baggage.

Thanks, David

enter image description here

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enter image description here

Open the terminal and type:

sudo /.'/usr/bin/'

which returns the output:

TrueCrypt uninstalled.

This is the normal way to uninstall TrueCrypt, but you said you extracted the TrueCrypt files to /usr/share/truecrypt which isn't the normal way of installing TrueCrypt, so if the above commands don't work, open the terminal and run the following commands:

cd /usr/share/  # change directories to the directory that contains truecrypt
sudo rm -r truecrypt  # remove the truecrypt directory and all of its contents
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