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The update from 13.10 to 14.04 using do-release-upgrade seems to have added lightdm to my computer. On top of that, lightdm wasn’t even set up properly, nor do I want it set up. I prefer not to use graphical login, and to start with server edition and install only things I want on my desktop, just out of preference.

I got to a console and tried apt-get removing lightdm, which made gdm install. Attempting to remove gdm tries to make kdm install and nvidia-prime remove. How do I get things back to the way they were before? I’ve upgraded three times before this without problem.

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Here you'll find information on both disabling and removing the GUI. – hmayag May 10 '14 at 6:48
I don’t have ubuntu-desktop installed. I have been using MATE as my window manager but I had no login manager until this upgrade. I only want to remove the login manager, and I want to know why it gave me one. – user280014 May 11 '14 at 20:37
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Checking common important reverse dependencies (dependents) of lightdm, gdm & kdm, using:

apt-cache -i rdepends lightdm | tail -n +3 | sort
apt-cache -i rdepends gdm | tail -n +3 | sort
apt-cache -i rdepends kdm | tail -n +3 | sort

It seems the common one is nvidia-prime.

$ apt-cache depends nvidia-prime
 |Depends: lightdm
 |Depends: gdm
  Depends: kdm
  Depends: upstart
  Depends: bbswitch-dkms
  Depends: pciutils
  Depends: lsb-release
 |Depends: sysv-rc
  Depends: <file-rc>
  Conflicts: <hybrid-graphics>
  Conflicts: <hybrid-graphics:i386>
  Breaks: ubuntu-drivers-common
  Breaks: ubuntu-drivers-common:i386
  Replaces: <hybrid-graphics>
  Replaces: <hybrid-graphics:i386>
  Conflicts: nvidia-prime:i386

nvidia-prime need at least one of lightdm, gdm or kdm. See How do I boot into true text mode? to boot without GUI. Also you may disable lightdm/gdm/kdm services, but not sure if nvidia-prime tools will work, try it.

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