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I have installed Hadoop-2.4.0 in my system(14.04), I want to remove it completely and reinstall it. If I have delete the configured folder hadoop, is it enough to remove hadoop in my Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

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Actually I just delete the folder hadoop which given permission(shown below) to my HDFS user.

$ sudo rm -r -f /usr/local/hadoop/

Previously I extracted hadoop-2.4.0 and given permission for my HDFS user(hadoopuser - HDFS user),

$ sudo chown -R hadoopuser:hadoop hadoop

After that I removed user(hadoopuser) and group(hadoop)

root@ARUL-PC:~# deluser hadoopuser
Removing user `hadoopuser' ...
Warning: group `hadoop' has no more members.
root@ARUL-PC:~# deluser --group hadoop
Removing group `hadoop' ...

Now hadoop-2.4.0 not present in my system.

Note : In my system, configured hadoop folder is /usr/local/hadoop/.

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how to check that I removed Hadoop ? – NIMISHAN Jan 4 at 3:52
But hadoop installs so may other things this is not really a complete uninstall is it? – Mike Feb 21 at 23:04

You can uninstall hadoop using:

sudo apt-get purge hadoop-2.4.*

This will remove all packages and configurations related to hadoop from your system.

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It didn't worked.. actually I didn't installed my hadoop-2.4.0 from apt-get.. i hae manually installed and configured with this link – A J May 9 '14 at 7:31

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