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How do I enable VGA switcheroo? Is there any way I can do it with a UI? I am setting it up for someone who is not at all CLI friendly. See the kernel module switcheroo if you don't know it yet.

It's for an Acer aspire 5820TG-6406.

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Ubuntu Control Center

Ubuntu Control Center (UCC) is an unofficial application inspired by Mandriva Control Center, designed to bring simplicity and a less cluttered interface (because a lot of applications add themselves to the GNOME Control Center automatically) to manage the Ubuntu system settings for the simple user.

Besides being an application you can use to launch various system settings, UCC also lets you switch between low and high performance graphics cards (if you have a netbook with 2 GPUs)

Download Link : 32-Bit , 64-Bit

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This doesn't appear to be available anymore. None of the downloads links I can find work. – Seth Apr 30 '13 at 1:37

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