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UPDATE2: #irc says 12.04.4 alternate not supported and Quadro NVS 450 not well support. Trying V14.04 now (for RAID0 & hopefully better gpu drivers)...

UPDATE: reinstalled. no swap partitions. GRUB definitely went to usb stick. no errors reported during boot up. all is good except:

GUI & mouse still bonkers. can't figure it out.

new install. hardware is tested. Setup:

2X ssd. each ssd: 8gb swap partition 'primary' + 120gb raid0 partition also 'primary'

/boot assigned to usb stick, and hopefully mbr went there but not sure.

boot gives errors but eventually does get to login. Once logged in though, gui is messed - only desktop pic renders, all other elements are garbage blocks. Mouse is mostly stuck in place, jitters around. Totally unusable. Is it my drive setup? is the mbr on the 1st ssd and causing problems? Or is it something else altogether? thanks

gpu: nvidia nvs 450 displayport only. mobo: asrock X79 extreme6

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At this point, all I can say is that it seems you are having trouble with your GPU. However, the way you describe your installation is quite confusing, so I cannot understand it fully.

Are you trying to install Ubuntu on 2 SSDs, using RAID0, with GRUB being installed into a USB stick? The latter part seems very unusual to me.

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Yes, that's what I did. /boot is on USB stick as is GRUB. Apparently it's necessary to separate /boot so that both RAID0 partitions are of equal size. Please let me know if I have something wrong. – vv111y May 9 '14 at 19:35
I don't think your installation setup has anything to do with your GUI trouble. It looks more and more like a drivers issue. I don't use Unity, so I cannot comment on this particular issue. – fswechsler May 10 '14 at 1:30

facepalm. mouse was crazy because I had a wacom tablet plugged in. Didn't notice.

installed nvidia-settings and didn't even set anything up - for no reason display works fine.

Everything works. done.

UPDATE: spoke too soon. GUI is wacky again. So intermittent. But problem is more isolated now - Unity & drivers issue.

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