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I was trying to use @reboot /my/script in cron to run a script on a 10.04.4 VM running in VMware Fusion top print ifconfig to a file on a shared directory, which is /mnt/hgfs/somedir.

It didn't work because hgfs is not mounted yet as a remote directory when the system starts. Is it possible to do something like @reboot +10s to run the cron job 10 sec after the system starts, when I can realistically expect to have that remote directory mounted on the system?

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You could simply add

sleep 10

to the beginning of your script. This way, your script will "sleep" (wait) 10 seconds before continuing.

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brilliant, thanks. why didn't i think of that? – amphibient May 8 '14 at 22:38

For a more robust option, your cron job could be

 @reboot until [ -d /mnt/hgfs/somedir ]; do sleep 1; done; /my/script

That will wait until the directory actually exists, so you don't need to guess how long it will take or worry that it might take longer.

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