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Recently, shortly after one of the myriad prompted Update sessions, I have experienced an unpredictable (unpredictable in it's timing, but predictable in the certainty that it will occur again sometime) issue. No matter the application (i.e. there is no one site or function that precipitates the problem), the computer will suddenly freeze. Mind you, the computer does not lose power.. not so much as a wobble.. and even media such as YouTube, BBC Radio, etc. continue playing. The mouse is able to reposition the cursor easily - just can't select any icons or enter any text with it. The keyboard just totally bails. No combinations of Ctrl + Alt + Del or anything have any effect because, as mentioned, the keyboard is immediately removed from the equation and becomes redundant.

My only recourse thus far had been a forced shut-down, after which (upon re-booting) the computer functions flawlessly until the next such incident.. and the dance begins anew. I don't wish to use a forced shut-down and reboot as part of my daily computing routine - and I know continuing to do so will result in a "doesn't end well" scenario. Is there a known issue involving Ubuntu 12.04 regarding this type of "freeze"? And if there is, what is the prescribed method of resolving it? What are your thoughts to this.. or should I just go through the process of reinstalling the Software (or even upgrade to ver. 14.04) if this particular one has somehow become corrupt. Many thanks. PS - problem manifests itself using both (either) the Firefox and Chrome browsers.

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